Ardenne Rally Festival Marc Duez at the wheel of an Audi Quattro Gr.4!

The inaugural edition of the Ardenne Rally Festival – in and around Vresse-sur-Semois on Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rdand Saturday 4th May – already looks promising! The DG Sport team is pulling all the stops to give the fans as much pleasure as possible during these three days, in an atmosphere full of nostalgia and passion, where fun is the only goal…

While the selection committee deals with the continuous flow of registration requests, one eye-catcher is already certain to be among the participants: Marc Duez! For the occasion, Duez will again get behind the wheel of a 1980 Audi Quattro, a car that then complied with the Group 4 rules! According to current owner Filip Cailliau – a great enthusiast of the brand, living in Ypres – the monster with the four rings, here in an Audi Sport livery, was completely rebuilt based on parts from Audi Sport, and first and foremost the engine and gearbox. A few years ago, during a memorial ceremony, the car was driven by… Marc Duez!

“It is a real pleasure to get the opportunity to drive this kind of car,” says Marc Duez. “After all, there is some 360 horsepower under the hood. Even though there will be no gravel or snow during the Ardenne Rally Festival, enthusiasts will certainly enjoy hearing the raw engine sound of this Quattro Gr. 4, which was synonymous with the start of the German brand’s four-wheel drive offensive in the World Rally Championship…”

There is no doubt that the Ardenne Rally Festival 2024 will create a lot of excitement and allow everyone to revisit some beautiful memories…

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